Friday, May 24, 2013

Today I choose to be thankful...

   Yes, I choose to be thankful.  Sometimes it's easier to muddle through the day, going through the routine of work and life,  only focusing on the negative that happens.  We have so much these days that over looking the basics and wanting more is fairly common place.
   So today instead of complaining about having a long day at work, I am thankful to have a job to go to.  I am thankful I have a house to come home to, and for my family that was waiting for me when I got there.
   It's amazing how you can change your overall mood by focusing on the good things that surround you. It's like stepping into the sunshine after being in a room with no windows.
   So today I choose to appreciate all that I have; my friends and family, my health, my job and everything I own. I am going to enjoy the sunshine and put on a sweater instead of complaining about the chilly temperatures. And I am going to enjoy simply sitting on the couch with my kids and my hubby and watching a movie. The simple things I am thankful for.

Have a wonderful weekend!

~ Jenn

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