Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Journey to Health and Happiness

          It's not a diet, or a quick fix, or a magic pill. It's a change in life style. It's going to the gym when you'd rather be curled up on the couch. It's having a salad on the side when you'd rather have the fries. It's one day at a time, one healthier choice at a time, one work out at a time. It will happen, but it takes time. You didn't get to your "I've had it!" point over night and you won't reach your "where I want to be" point over night either. It's not easy, but if it's truly worth it to you, then easy doesn't matter. Choose a goal, a real reason for the change, your WHY for doing this. And when a tough day happens (and they will) remember the WHY. 
          My first WHY was simple, and I'm thinking pretty common. I was tired of looking like I did and I wanted to look better. As I got further along the path into my journey I started to take note of some side affects of the healthier eating and working out. I had more energy for me and more importantly my family. I slept better, felt better, and was starting to feel like I looked better. Sometimes we are so busy trying to get down to the "perfect" size that we miss the other benefits along the way. 
       My journey started back around 2009. It has had ups and downs, thankfully more ups. It has introduced me to people whom I never before would have thought I would have in my circle of friends. It has challenged me and rewarded me with new strengths and accomplishments. It has made me take a look at a lot of things in my life with new perspective. It has helped my to find my true WHY. My children. My family. Sometimes the kids tell me I spend too much time at the gym. In my defence I'm not even there every day. But when my daughter asked me why I like to go so much, I jokingly responded, "So I can be around long enough to live in your basement when I'm old!"
     Upon reflection, that's not too far from the truth. I want to  be around (maybe not in her basement) for when my kids have their kids, and not pushing around a walker for myself. I want to be healthy enough to enjoy my retirement (when it ever gets here) with my husband. I want to live a long and full life and be there for my friends and family as long as I can. THIS is why I am on the journey to health and well being. It is as much for my family as it is for me. Sure it might be nice to slip into a pair of size 5 jeans again some day, but in all honesty, it feels just as good to lead a 55 minute spin class or an hour long Body Pump class and see that I can help motivate others along their journeys as well.
     So I am going to post 3 pictures below. The first is obviously the "before", the second are 2 of my "WHY"s and the third I will call my "during". I'm not finished with my journey, it's just getting good, so I am definitely not ready to post the "after".
    Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Find your WHY and enjoy the simple things!


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